Us Cellular Prepaid Phones

What is U.S. Cellular?

U.S. Cellular is a widely known prepaid cell phone carrier that specializes in low-cost cell phones and wireless plans. They offer a variety of feature phones and smartphones with talk, text and data plans to suit individual needs. The smartphones they offer range from the low end all the way up to some of the most powerful and feature-rich handsets in the world.


Because U.S. Cellular is a value cell phone carrier, their service may not quite be up to the likes of Verizon or AT&T, but for someone who needs enough data bandwidth to stream YouTube and load pages in a snap, their offerings are more than sufficient. As for talk and text, that's hardly a question anymore — it's difficult for any carrier these days to fall short in that respect.


Prepaid Phones Available With U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular offers a selection that's not as impressive as big-name carriers, but there's a phone for everyone who chooses to use their service. Here are some of the high-end devices they offer:

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus at $25.60 per month or prepaid $718.99
  • Apple iPhone 7 at $21.60 per month or prepaid $598.99
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus at $21.60 per month or prepaid $598.99
  • Apple iPhone 6s at $18.28 per month or prepaid $498.99
  • Apple iPhone SE at $13.28 per month or prepaid $349
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus at $9.80 per month or prepaid $245.99
  • Apple iPhone 6 at $8.20 per month or prepaid $195.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at $32.10 per month or prepaid $899.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ at $23.32 per month or prepaid $784.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 at $19.60 per month or prepaid $674.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at $15 per month or prepaid $399.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 at 14.12 per month or prepaid $524.80
  • LG G6 at $19.92 per month or prepaid $399.99
  • LG G5 at $8 per month or prepaid $199.99
  • LG V20 at $15 per month or prepaid $399.99

Here's a list of the less-known and more cost-efficient US Cellular prepaid phones on the smarter side of pocket computing:

  • Motorola E4 at $5 per month or $49.99 prepaid
  • LG K8 2017 at $4.40 per month or $50.01 prepaid
  • ZTE Blade MAX 3 at $8 per month or $129.99 prepaid
  • Motorola G4 Play at $4 per month or $49.99 prepaid
  • ZTE Imperial MAX at $6.60 per month or $99.99 prepaid

Of course, U.S. Cellular offers feature phones of the flip variety for those who are less partial to the pocket-PC concept:

  • LG Wine IV at $9.50 per month or $179.99 prepaid
  • LG Envoy III at $3.25 per month or $49.99 prepaid

Choosing a Phone

Choosing the right phone comes down to a mix of features that are particular to each type of phone. The most basic question to ask is, Android or Apple? People choose Apple for its seamless integration and the "just works" philosophy. Although they cost a high dollar, they bring the assurance that they'll do what they're meant to. However, they don't offer a lot of choice or customization due to the on-rails operating environment.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, and it covers devices both cheap and expensive. It brings wild customization and advanced multitasking features that are absent from Apple phones or aren't as effective, such as Multi-Window and Recent Apps. Statistics show that Android, while not nearly as seamless as its Apple counterpart, has comparable stability and malware rates.

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