T-Mobile Plans

Choosing the Best T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile plans are some of the best and easiest to follow in the industry. Here is a run-down on their most popular plans.

Simple Choice Plan

T-Mobile uses the Simple Choice Plan instead of the annual service contracts it used to have. Inside the basic tier, a person will enjoy Music Freedom (endless music streaming), unlimited talk and text, and 2GB of data. The data, text and talk can all be used in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.

The Music Freedom option is one that many people find attractive. It allows for unlimited streaming of music through Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and more without burning through data limits. The Binge On feature (any 6GB or higher plan includes this for free) allows for unlimited video streaming with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and other services.

The nice thing about T-Mobile is what happens if a user does go over any data limits. Instead of getting charged for overages, the network instead chooses to throttle data speeds. Although this throttling slows down data usage in a big way, it's a nice alternative to paying huge overage charges.

Combined with the network's Data Stash, a conservative data user on the 6GB or higher plan can rollover a healthy amount of data month to month.

<2GB T-Mobile Plan

At $50/month, it allows for unlimited texts and calls. This works best for someone with low data needs and who isn't planning to stream video. Since it does include Music Freedom, it's the right choice for music lovers.

6GB T-Mobile Plan

This costs $65/month and is one of the best plans offered in terms of overall value. 6GB of data all by itself is usually the perfect fit for most people. However, when Music Freedom and Binge On is considered, the value is quite good at this level of plan. This will work well for anyone planning to stream both music and video over their phone.

10GB T-Mobile Plan

Costs $80/month. If a person is sure they will burn up to 10GB above and beyond their music and video streaming usage, then this is the best plan to choose.

T-Mobile Family Plan

The T-Mobile family plan is called the T-Mobile One plan. This plan provides unlimited data, texts and calls. The cost is $75/month and comes with a discount for each additional line. Up to eight lines can be included on this plan.

Price breakdown:

  • Line 1: $75/month
  • Line 2: $55/month
  • Lines 3-8: $25/month

This means a family of four will pay $180/month for its plan. A $5 discount per line is available through automatic payments, bringing the total cost down to $160/month.

Top 5 Routes for "T-Mobile Plans"

  1. T-Mobile Of course, going directly to the source is helpful when looking at plans. Through T-Mobile's own site, a person can shop and contact customer service.
  2. TechRadar.com TechRadar brings T-Mobile followers some of the best information regarding T-Mobile plans. They go into great detail about what's available, costs, features, and benefits.
  3. TomsGuide.com This site goes into great detail regarding T-Mobile's family plan, helps a person understand how to best choose the individual plans, and whether the pre-paid plan is worth it. It covers a great deal of background about T-Mobile as a company and helps visitors compare T-Mobile against other cell phone companies.
  4. AndroidAuthority.com AndroidAuthority covers T-Mobile quite sufficiently. It goes into detail comparing the T-Mobile One, T-Mobile One Plus, and T-Mobile One Plus International plans. Adding tablets and other connected devices is also covered here.
  5. WhistleOut.com This website provides a very easy to read breakdown of each plan offered by T-Mobile. With its 'at a glance' style of presentation, it's helpful for anyone researching which T-Mobile cell phone plan will work best for their needs and lifestyle.

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