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T-Mobile Compared to Other Carriers

T-Mobile has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular carriers in the U.S. with its no-contract attitude toward contract-carrier quality of phones and services. The neon pink named mobile provider blends the best of value and quality LTE wireless options. This winning formula has recently placed them ahead of Sprint and tied with Verizon as the third largest carrier in the country.

Naturally, doing away with the constraints of a two-year contract has proven extremely attractive for customers who just didn't want to miss out on the competitive speeds, coverage and gamut of high-end smartphones that AT&T, Sprint and Verizon offer. In fact, T-Mobile's own website claims that they now rank number one in every category on comparative network tests. Some have predicted that T-Mobile may one day become the nation's largest carrier, and that's not difficult to believe.

Selection of T-Mobile Phones

T-Mobile has an exceptional tendency to provide more than just the phones that one would expect of a value carrier like U.S. Cellular or Cricket. They also offer a full spectrum of smart devices for power users and frugal buyers. While every carrier these days can be expected to have the latest Galaxy S handset, not all of them will offer the newest LG model or Galaxy Note flagship "superphones".

T-Mobile's offers include:

  • All of the most recent releases of the Galaxy S and Note series, including Edge and S+ variants
  • All of the most recent releases of the iPhone series, including Plus variants
  • The latest LG G6 and LG V20 flagship smartphones
  • Various low to mid-grade smartphones, such as the Moto Z Force, LG Stylo 3 and the Galaxy J series
  • Basic flip phones for the user with basic cellular needs

It's worth noting that T-Mobile also hosts pre-orders for the latest Galaxy Note handsets, which is a series of cutting-edge phablets that many value providers never have in stock, let alone offer pre-orders. This should give an idea of how much confidence Samsung has in T-Mobile as a certified seller of their ultra high-end smartphones. It's common for manufacturers to lean away from betting their high-profile stock against a no-contract carrier. This is partially due to the fact that the carrier may not be able to afford it thanks to the limited success that a purportedly low-cost carrier may have when attempting to sell a high-cost handset.

Choosing a Phone

Most customers will cite that the primary difference to look for when selecting a smartphone is Android or the iPhone operating system. While there are hardware and overlay contrasts to consider when deciding between Android smartphones from different OEMs, the operating environment is usually regarded as the most important starting point.

Differences between Android and Apple iOS


  • Most popular mobile operating environment in the world
  • Emphasizes customization and user freedom
  • Excels at multitasking
  • Covers a wide spectrum of phone prices from the ultra low to the ultra high-end
  • May come with removable batteries and microSD support
  • Supports the standard universal USB charging method


  • Closed-off ecosystem limits customization, but promises seamless integration and fluid functionality
  • Very high price point, but offers Apple's top of the line security protection
  • Inarguably delivers the best hardware setup thanks to extremely fine-grained optimization rather than horsepower

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  3. Phonearena.com PhoneArena might just be the internet's best resource for looking up phone specifications and comparing them.
  4. Anandtech.com Anandtech is widely heralded as one of the best sites for discovering the latest news on smartphones and gathering tips on buying and optimizing them.
  5. CNN.com CNN did a piece on the differences between iPhone and Android to help potential clients figure out which is best for them.

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