Using a Roku Streaming TV & Media Player

The Roku TV Streaming and Media Player Device

The Roku TV Streaming and Media Player Device is a multimedia streaming device created to aggregate the various streaming devices and provide the user with multiple services through a single medium. The Roku enables users to easily select their choice of entertainment through a few button presses on their remote.

Features of the Roku Device

  • Live TV Streaming Roku offers the user an affordable alternative to subscription cable and satellite in the form of Live TV Streaming. Various apps in the Roku Channel Store enable the user to subscribe to individual channels to watch, pause, and depending on the app, record live television.
  • Video on Demand Streaming Subscription video services such as Netflix and Hulu are readily available for the user on the Roku Channel Store. Amazon Video is available as well if one wishes to rent movies or tv shows.
  • Music and Internet Radio Streaming Roku is a host of many different music streaming services, such as Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM.

Setting up your Roku Device

The Roku Streaming Device effectively enables the user to condense the devices of their entertainment system into a small box. The Roku Device connects to your TV using a standard HDMI cable. While the remote enclosed is the recommended control method for the Roku, the Roku app on a mobile device will also suffice as a controller. A Roku account is needed in order to begin installing channels on your device. A method of payment must be supplied when creating an account. Creating an account and supplying payment information can both be done easily upon starting up a Roku Streaming Device.

Notable Channels on the Roku Streaming Device

Noted below are a few of the most watched channels on the Roku. Much more are available in addition to those listed below.

  • Netflix - subscription based video stream
  • Hulu - subscription based video on demand
  • Youtube - free user submitted video streaming
  • WatchESPN - sports focused internet television
  • SlingTV - live TV streaming
  • PlutoTV - free internet TV with alternative channels
  • Spotify - subscription based music streaming
  • Pandora - music steraming with playlist recommendations
  • SiriusXM - subscription based internet radio

Top 5 Routes for "The Roku TV Streaming and Media Player Device"

  1. Roku Official Website The Manufacturer's website. Use this to learn more about the different Roku models. A list of available channels can also be viewed on this website.
  2. Wikipedia Use this Wikipedia article on the Roku Streaming Device to learn more about the past generations of Roku. There is also a graph present to compare and contrast the differences of each Roku and to determine the best device to purchase.
  3. USA Today An informative article about the 4k Roku Streaming Device in comparison to the Apple TV, another multimedia streaming device. The article goes into depth about the advantages and disadvantages of each device.
  4. Techcrunch An article covering Roku's very own streaming service. This service is a free service coupled with one's Roku account. This feature is available to all Roku Streaming Devices created after June 2011.
  5. Amazon The many Roku devices as listed by Amazon. Reviews are available for each device if further information or user comments are needed.

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